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Anybody remember the "illuminated" text series by robert able for IBM?  I was the lead interface designer for the first prototype built around the poem "ulysses" (tennyson).  I think i remember the programming done in toolbook though afterwords i purchaced supercard and reverse enginered it in less than  week (my first programming!... Dont tell bob!).  We churned through 1.5 million $ in less than a month.  Lots of film and graphics. One of the first uses of video in a portal of  window.  I think much of the later works in this genre veered towards shovel-ware.  

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At 2:46 PM -0400 2/1/08, Jim Carwardine wrote:
>I showed it to Bob Stein at his booth and he said, "I can't look at 
>this.  This looks just like what we are doing."

If that's what he said then it would have been 1992. I programmed the 
Expanded Books during October and November 1991, and another 
programmer finished off a couple of features, ready for the release 
of the first three EBs at that MacWorld.
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