David Bovill david at
Fri Feb 1 12:16:52 EST 2008

Having some problems with revBrowser - I get a repeated crash using the
"Browser Sampler.rev" stack - or the stacks I am coding. I get it when
viewing my Google Home page - that's not the search engine but the
personalised home page with the widgets in.... I am not sure which url to
give as it sues my loin credentials to display my personalised page - can
someone check "" in revBrowser on other
platforms / systems?

In general I'd like to know what the stability issues are for the embedded
browser. Any one know how it works - that is I know it uses the relevant web
kits on windows and macOS - but are these embedded in the external - or as I
suspect part of the operating system that the external interfaces with - in
other words if the operating system is upgraded - are features added / fixes
made that would effect revBrowser - or is it all part of the external.

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