Tree Arrays: putting XML in nested arrays

David Bovill david.bovill at
Wed Dec 31 11:59:19 EST 2008

Thanks for these trevor - I've only just started so should save plenty of
time. One question about the data structure:

>    [@attributes]
>        [attr1]
>    [node]
>        [node] = value

This would mean that to extract the plain tree structure you would have to:

filter keys(someArray) without "@*"

Isn't this unnecessarily slow? What do you think about:

   - put treeArray ["_tree"]["root"]["node"][1] into nodeContents
   - put treeArray ["_attribute"]["root"]["node"][1]["style"] into nodeStyle
   - put keys(treeArray ["_tree"]["root"]) into level1

I'll start playing with your scripts now.... so maybe I'll have a few
questions later :) Out of interest what do you use them for?

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