HC to Rev conversion help needed

Dale Pond dalesvp at centurytel.net
Sun Dec 28 13:29:17 EST 2008

Joe wrote:

 > I trashed your original post and now, for the life of me, I don't
 > remember your exact concern; other than why it wasn't working as  

The original collection of stacks were all called, as a collection,  
HyperVibes. The number of stacks was always increasing so everything  
was controlled from the HyperVibes stack. This stack has an  
assortment of functions built into the various cards most of which  
aren't really needed or wanted. I can delete those out once this  
thing is working. The important thing is the HyperVibes stack stack  
script which is the controlling script for the entire collection.  
These stacks, as a collection, were to be fully functional when moved  
from computer to computer.

What I wanted to do while or after converting the HyperSearch stack  
was to

1) two cards only in the stack; the "Search Card" and the "Report Card"
2) make that window larger, say 1200 x 800
3) add one or more additional "Find in These Stacks" fields (so to  
search various sub-collections of stacks)
4) eliminate the scripting that adds cards when too many hits are  
found (HC had limited field size and this feature was important in HC  
but not needed in Rev)

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