Andre's post: Rev and the Web...

Bill Marriott wjm at
Sun Dec 28 02:38:49 CST 2008


> Id like the simple answer.

It *can* be simple. Clients, be they web pages or Rev stacks can say:

That sends information to the Rev server-based script yourcgi.cgi, which 
could have something like,

on startup
    put $1 into x
    replace "=" with return in x
    put urlDecode(line 2 of x) into x

    put "Content-Type: text/html" & crlf
    put "Content-Length:" & the length of x & crlf & crlf
    put x

end startup

And you'll get the response "Hello World."

But, if simple were adequate, I don't suppose we'd need to spend four days 
discussing the possibilities.

- Bill 

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