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Fri Dec 26 12:54:58 EST 2008

Bonsoir Randall,

I'm afraid you don't want to begin by the beginning, right ;-)
But it's necessary...
Others have not given you fish but fishing rods: is it not better?

To be frank, when I began myself to run into TCP communication, I had  
to make efforts before understanding by MYSELF how it could work.
ChatRev from Björnke von Gierke (to communicate with a server) and  
Alex Tweedly stacks (to try in local mode with two Rev instances),  
all on Rev Online were a great help.
Despite all this, it took me some weeks to feel a bit at ease and I'm  
not sure, I am always ;-)
Good luck!

Le 26 déc. 08 à 18:32, Randall Reetz a écrit :

> Everyone is writing as though i know something.  Lets asume i  
> don't.  let's assume i am a guy on the street who happens to know  
> xtalk but knows nothing of the network or internet.  I dont know  
> for "socket" or "port".  All i know is there is a computer running  
> a stack that is permanantly connected to the net that i will call  
> the server.  And there are other computers running stacks that may  
> or may not be connected to the net (that i will call "clients").   
> The client stacks need to send data to the server stack.  And the  
> other say around.  Client to client communication as well.  I would  
> prefer if all such communications look and act just like xtalk  
> messages.  You know, the web for the rest of us.
> Oh, and i am not interested in web pages.  I need superfast  
> communication.  When the client user does something, the server  
> knows right away, and vice versa.  No delay beyond com speed.  Thus  
> the need for com as xtalk messages.
> Randall

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
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