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Everyone is writing as though i know something.  Lets asume i don't.  let's assume i am a guy on the street who happens to know xtalk but knows nothing of the network or internet.  I dont know for "socket" or "port".  All i know is there is a computer running a stack that is permanantly connected to the net that i will call the server.  And there are other computers running stacks that may or may not be connected to the net (that i will call "clients").  The client stacks need to send data to the server stack.  And the other say around.  Client to client communication as well.  I would prefer if all such communications look and act just like xtalk messages.  You know, the web for the rest of us.

Oh, and i am not interested in web pages.  I need superfast communication.  When the client user does something, the server knows right away, and vice versa.  No delay beyond com speed.  Thus the need for com as xtalk messages.


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It sounds like what you need to start with are socket commands. Check  
out the accept, open socket, write to socket, read from socket  
commands. This should give you a place to start playing around with  
simple client / server communication. There are many gaming servers  
written in Java which use socket communication.


accept connections on port 9000 with message "gotConnection"

on gotConnection pSocket
  read from socket pSocket ...
  write "bla bla" to socket pSocket ...
end gotConnection


open socket to "my.ip.address:9000"
write someData to socket ...
read from socket ...

Once you figure out how to send some small text messages, you can  
start looking at the different options for the socket commands, and  
thinking about what your protocol might look like.

> Id like the simple answer.  In script i have to write ??  to send a  
> message to a project on a server.  What script would need to be on  
> the recieving end?  It is that simple.  No?

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