Buttons missing images in stand alone

Mark MacKenzie mjmackenzie22 at windstream.net
Thu Dec 25 06:19:25 EST 2008

Hi all.  Back in the saddle after some time away from Rev.

I am using Rev. 3 on Windows XP.  Buttons created in Button Gadget Pro and added directly to the current Rev project (electronic calendar) show fine in the development environment but not when testing a stand alone version.

The button images all show in the project image library for the main stack containing the buttons.  Typical image ID is 1260 for example.

I am not sure where to go from here in tracking down why the buttons images don't show in the stand alone app.  The buttons exist in the stand alone app and work however their appropriate images do not and so they present as working but invisible buttons.  Neat trick but not very useful at the moment?


Mark MacKenzie
Art Conservator & Wet Plate Photographer
Alcalde, New Mexico

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