Hammering on about Paragraphs

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Mon Dec 22 18:28:42 EST 2008

J. Landman Gay wrote:
> Richmond Mathewson wrote:
>> Back to my "Applescript in a Nutshell" (which is an endlessly tedious 
>> book):
>> page 430:
>> "A paragraph object is a chunk of text that is terminated by a new 
>> line or paragraph character."
>> Can anybody tell me what a 'paragraph character" would be?
> In Rev, as I mentioned, it's a carriage return. Ditto for all word 
> processing apps.
This is Option-7 on the Mac -- it is a character that indicates a 
paragraph break without any new line. The typographical convention is 
that this character is preceeded by a space, but is not followed by one. 
thus prepending it to the new paragraph as a starting character.... 
Substitute option-7 for dollar sign in the  4 paragraphs below.

------ (way OT) ----

The moles were working late into the night. Their top engineers were 
blindly building mountains of compost, heaps of much-maligned form over 
function. $Young apprentice mole-engineers, who still had eyes, did 
careful analyses and reported that this compost had no nutritive value 
for the seeds and saplings planted by the mole-creatives in the next 
cavern (for which garden the compost was intended) were told to shut up, 
had their eyes removed and were banished for 72 hours to solitary 
confinement. $Over time the young engineers learned to help shovel that 
stuff without a murmur of protest, until one day, they too became stern 
task masters and proud supervisers in the realm of the mountains of form 
over function. $Meanwhile a wise old mole who had been observing 
silently all the while, climbed up a ladder he had built for himself 
decades ago, to do what moles never do--sun himself topside on the lawn. 
As he chewed a blade of grass and rolled over on his belly to tan his 
buns, he thought, "Ahh, if they just would try out my ladder, to come up 
here and relax, they would all understand the correct unity of form and 



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