Hammering on about Paragraphs

Björnke von Gierke bvg at mac.com
Sat Dec 20 09:17:27 CST 2008

In my view, the problem with paragraphs is, that it's a style, not a  
chunk. Therefore everyone can easily claim to do it right, and that  
others do it wrongly.

As for paragraph support within Rev: As Paragraphs are styled and not  
chunks, they should be supported within Fields. And they are indeed,  
using the "FirstIntent" property, every line turns into it's own  
paragraph, as it is usual in text editors. To get the sub-lines of  
these paragraphs, one can use the "formattedText".

Of course there's also a paragraph break char in Unicode, but I  
haven't tested it's effect on Rev fields.

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