[OT] If programming languages were religions...

Jeff Reynolds jeff at siphonophore.com
Fri Dec 19 15:32:31 EST 2008

I think Hypertalk/Xtalk would fall under Unitarian

i really LOLed at the last

Visual Basic would be Satanism - Except that you don't REALLY need to  
sell your soul to be a Satanist...

looking at possibility of trying to convert some old cdroms done by  
others in vb to rev and its easier to just look at functionality and  
cut and paste assets than even try to start pulling code and access db  
apart! Now i know why i whipped out mac hc versions of our products in  
one third of the time that the pc guys took with vb based versions.  
also mac got a tenth the bug reports -- even though the mac version  
was the first and one all asset testing happened in as well...



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