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Le 18 déc. 08 à 17:26, Éric Miclo a écrit :

> One more question: if the number of columns is greater than 5 you  
> cant access to the last ones without resizing the window.
> Would it be possible to add an horizontal scrollbar if the window's  
> size is fixed?

 From ListMagic docs:

ListMagic allows you to specify a number of columns* or to choose  
Auto option.
Why specify a number of columns or choose Auto?

* Nine columns only in this demo stack but as many as you want when  
installing the widget.

  	When choosing Auto option, the widget will fit your data list and  
will display as many header tabs as there are items in a data line.
In this case the list will have a horizontal scrollbar because all  
columns are shown.

  	When specifying a number, the widget will display the specified  
number of headers disregarding the number of items in a data line.
In this case the list will not have a horizontal scrollbar because  
all columns are not shown in order to keep hidden data.

Why would you hide some data?
Having hidden data may appear very useful when processing:
For instance:
A column may display Internet domain names while a hidden column is  
storing corresponding urls. Whatever sort can be done, the right data  
is always in the right line without needing to build an external  
index to get the url.
Actually, the list field itself can contain all needed indexed values  
without letting the user seeing or accessing them:

	on LMMouseDoubleUp pLineNo
	   launchurlitem 9 of LMExtractLines(pLineNo)
	   -- see this function in the syntax section
	end LMMouseDoubleUp

In this example, if the number of columns has been set to eight, the  
user will not see the url but a double click on the line will open  
his browser to the right url because it is item 9 (not displayed) in  
the list field and easily retrieved whatever sort can have been made.
See LMMouseDoubleUp message and LMExtractLines function in Syntax  

Actually, using hidden data feature depends also on the number of  
displayed columns:
Remember that screens are not extendable and only Auto (with no  
hidden data) allows a horizontal scroll bar.
Such a choice depends on many things: it is up to you and depends on  
your needs.

Hope this clarifies :-)

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
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