conditionally formatting a field

mfstuart mfstuart at
Thu Dec 18 00:07:36 EST 2008

Hi all,

I want to apply formatting to a field - 'set the borderColor of fld 1 to
depending if the field has focus or not. The conditions apply to field 1

Here's the condition for the field when tabbing between 2 fields:
If the field has focus, it's borderColor is black.
If the field loses focus, the bordColor is white.

Here's the condition for field 1 when mousing over and out of it, and when
field 1 has focus:
If the field has focus, don't change the borderColor. It stays black.
If the field is not focused, then change the borderColor to white.

So far I've tried scripts in the following handlers:
mouseEnter, mouseLeave, openField, exitField, and closeField.
And I'm not getting the result I want.

Anyone got any tips on how to do this?

To see it work, open Outlook and click on the Find toolbar button. 
It opens the find fields at the top of the email list.
Apply the behavior as above to see the results I'm looking for.
This is on Windows, and I'm not sure how Mac Outlook behaves.

Mark Stuart
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