Table field text formating

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Wed Dec 17 22:41:03 EST 2008

On Dec 17, 2008, at 7:27 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> -= JB =- wrote:
>> Look at it this way.  With the 1 character added Rev could  
>> advertise it allows both
>> Kerning and Tracking.  To those in the publishing industry that  
>> means a lot.
> I can imagine the outcry that would occur if RR advertised "kerning  
> and tracking" and instead supplied a method where false spaces  
> needed to be manually inserted between characters. Desktop  
> publishers wouldn't stand for it.
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You are right, they need to do a professional job.  That is the whole  
point of asking them
to add it instead of me doing something.  I know the above statement  
by me looks like I
am saying they could just add crap and claim it is professional.  I  
really don't mean that
and don't want that.  But the claims were being made it is so simple  
that I can do it now
with the image but it appears like you say this won't do the job from  
a professional point.

If nobody ask for kerning and Tracking the Rev Team might not see  
people want it.  They
say they are improving fields and text capabilities and only they  
know how easy it can or
cannot ever be added to the engine they are designing.  With the new  
OS X text engine
Kerning and Tracking cannot be added so I do not like their engine.


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