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Wed Dec 17 14:31:46 EST 2008

Le 17 déc. 08 à 17:02, william humphrey a écrit :

> I keep running into this problem and making work-arounds that are  
> not at all
> elegant. It would sure be wonderful if you could set the alignment  
> in one
> column of a table field to "right" and the next column in the same  
> table
> field to another alignment say "left".
> Is there a way to do this?

In one stack I have a field whose lines are composed of items  
delimited by tab.

In order to get each item right aligned I use the following (that I  
learned from this list thanks to Jacque Landman Gay if I well  
remember) :

local theWidth,theText


     put "8" into theWidth -- or another number of course

     REPEAT WITH y = 1 to the number of lines in uneVente --  
"uneVente" is a local variable

         set the itemdel to tab

         REPEAT WITH x = 1 to the number of items in line y of uneVente

             IF item x of line y of uneVente is a number THEN

                 put item x of line y of uneVente into theText

                 put char 1 to theWidth of theText into theText --  
truNcate long strings

                 put char 1 to (theWidth - the length of theText) of  
"                    " before theText

                 put theText into item x of line y of uneVente

             END IF

         END repeat

     END repeat

Then I put « uneVente » into the field.

Not sure in your case but might help (?)

Best regards from Grenoble

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