CGI MySQL Drivers What next?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Dec 17 12:15:01 EST 2008

Jim Sims wrote:
> On Dec 17, 2008, at 3:38 PM, Mark Smith wrote:
>> Jim, do you have the externals of the stack set to the right path to 
>> (I think the path needs to be relative to where the 
>> revolution engine is.)
> The externals (  & are in the cgi-bin with 
> everything else. In that
> case they should just work, yes?
> Do I need to do a "start using"  with these externals  or do something 
> which
> loads/activates them?

I'm no expert on databases, but some posts I've saved over the years 
suggest you need to use "SetDriverPath" early in your script to tell the 
engine where to find the drivers.

Also, your first post mentioned you'd installed the .bundle external, 
but that is OS X only and JaguarPC is a Linux setup. Above, it looks 
like you've changed to the Linux libraries instead, which would be correct.

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