MouseMove . . . err?

Richmond Mathewson geradamas at
Fri Dec 12 14:09:15 EST 2008

Thank you, Scott.

This is really the first time I have experimented with moving controls around
in this way.

Of course, I wanted to be b**chy, I would point out that the documentation
lacked a bit in this area:

"it is dangerous to put time-intensive events in the
mouseMove handler because you risk locking up Rev and having to abort."

is news to me (welcome news).

I suppose the really clever thing would be to put the 4 buttons together
in a group and then move the group around ????

Ho, Ho, Ho . . .  Just did it:

on mouseMove
  set the moveSpeed to 10000
  move grp "G1" to the mouseLoc
end mouseMove

There is more than one way to skin a cat!

Have a lovely weekend, Richmond Mathewson.


A Thorn in the flesh is better than a failed Systems Development Life Cycle.


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