Revolution moved to "Reference Assemblies"?

Luis luis at
Wed Dec 10 15:11:11 EST 2008


I think that folder is something new to do with the .NET 3.0 Framework.
Do you have .NET 3.0 installed on your box?
Did you find that folder in the 'Program Files' folder?

How your stuff ended up there... Gremlins...



Wilhelm Sanke, FB01 wrote:
> Today I wanted to access my Rev 3.0 folder (which had worked last night),
> clicked at the folder to open it and got an error message kind of "check the
> path" etc. I tried the same with the 2.9 folder and got the same result. Then
> suddenly all my Rev folders - from 2.7.4 to 3.5 - had disappeared. This is on
> Windows XP.
> I shut down my computer and started it again. All the revolution folders were
> still gone!
> After that I made a file search for "revolution.exe" and found out that all 13
> revolution folders had been moved to folder "Reference Assemblies" - and
> fortunately they are all intact.
> Any ideas what could have caused this moving of folders? Bill Gates playing some
> Xmas tricks on me? I was online when the folders were moved.
> Regards,

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