Linux Distro choices [was: Ubuntu...etc]

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at
Tue Dec 9 11:39:59 EST 2008

Well at one point I considered 'fooling around' with Linux. Not 
anymore. I don't have that much time to fiddle. What a tower of Babel.

>Peter Alcibiades wrote:
>>Of course its a thorny issue, and it depends what you want, who you are, and
>>what your machine is.  I don't think you lose anything by moving from
>>Ubuntu.  Like many other long term Linux users, I'm a bit baffled by its
>I totally agree with what Peter has written. However, I have a 
>couple of chip in's.
>I too never understood the popularity of Ubuntu.
>>On old machines try Zenwalk (slackware based and uses Xfce).  If this is
>>still too slow, try a minimal Debian with fluxbox as the WM.  If this is too
>>slow, Puppy.


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