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Sunday, December 7, 2008, 3:10:13 PM, you wrote:

> Awhile back, I wrote a library which enabled the sharing of rev
> controls from one stack to another over the internet. I sent controls
> back and forth using the properties function wrapped in XML, and then
> after 're-making' a control, I compared checksums of the new control
> with the original, and found they did not match. The listed items
> mentioned in my previous email had to be removed from the properties
> of a control so they would match properly.

I ran into this a while back as well. The "problem" is that rev
assigns an id to a control when it's created, and the id is not
something that can be changed except for images. I don't see the need
for the id to be immutable and filed bz #4046 two years ago as an
enhancement request (it's still marked "unconfirmed"). IMO this is the
biggest single obstacle (read "blocker") preventing the recreation of
objects from property lists.

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