Vista external: Progress

Damien Girard dam-pro.girard at
Sun Dec 7 16:16:45 EST 2008

I found a bug with Revolution that remove the highest interest of having 
"glassed" window:
- Setting the opaque of a field to false and the blendlevel to 1 (In 
order to have the object having the Alpha channel information) lost 
antialiasing on Vista.

This is heavily annoying, so please vote for this bug in order to have 
it fixed for the next Revolution release.

Also, there is this enhancement request that can make the usage of 
"glass" window usable easily:

The second enhancement request is for removing the needs to set the 
blendlevel to 1 in order to have objects drawn by Revolution Alpha Blend 

Please votes for this bug and the enhancement request in order to have 
beautiful glassy windows :)


Dam-pro, France.

Chipp Walters a écrit :
> Looks cool. I was wondering if you were going to be able to keep
> fields opaque with the window background transparent. That's something
> difficult to do in Rev basic-- unless you just want the window to stay
> a static size. Nice job

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