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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the info!

I am working on a communications program and was transferring files.
When I transfer a stack that I read as a binary that has been placed in
a field after I read it, the transfer has a problem.  Immediately it  
the message box saying it is having trouble writing the file.  Then on
the receiving machine it receives only about 1/2 of the text sent.

I was thinking this might have to do with the wrong type of character
being sent so I thought this might put it in a form that would not cause
problems being sent to the driver.


On Dec 6, 2008, at 1:56 PM, Mark Schonewille wrote:

> Hi JB,
> put binaryencode("h*",mySourceVar) into myDestVar
> get binaryDecode("h*",myDestVar,mySourceVar)
> What kind of data do you want to encode and what do you want to do  
> with it?
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> On 6 dec 2008, at 21:47, -= JB =- wrote:
>> The Rev Dictionary provides info about  the BinaryEncode function  
>> and it mentions,
>>     use the BinaryEncode function to encode one or more values as  
>> binary data.
>> Does this mean I can put a whole field into the BinaryEncode  
>> function and encode it
>> and if so does someone have an example of using a whole field?
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