Rev On Rockets On Dreamhost - Does it work there?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Dec 6 14:30:52 EST 2008

Stephen Barncard wrote:
> By the way, doesn't FTP in Rev send passwords in plain text? How do 
> you work around that?

Until Rev supports secure FTP there is no preventative solution.  So I
handle it as I do when using many other tools that don't provide secure
FTP: I change my site's password weekly, and monitor the site for
changed files daily.

Of course the best answer would be to support secure FTP:


This wouldn't affect just those of us who make little tools for
ourselves, but our customers as well, so overall we're looking at the
security of tens of thousands of people hanging on this.

I understand that it's challenging to implement, and not the sort of
thing likely to be personally satisfying to work on.  But I'd pay extra
for it to see it in the engine and I'll be others would too.

With 108 votes thus far, if we each chipped in US$100 for this that
would be $10,800 in supplemental revenue.  It'd be well worth a hundred
bucks to me to be able to offer good security to my customers and clients.

In the meantime, I've been considering ways to use POST as an
alternative, but there are so many limitations with it that I don't
imagine it'll be much of a substitute except for a few limited

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