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Fri Dec 5 15:56:42 EST 2008

On 12/4/08 4:31 PM, "Kee Nethery" <kee at kagi.com> wrote:
Thanks, to all.
Hershel Fisch

> sqlite is is a sql database but it is not a multi-user database. Think
> of it as a local file on your hard drive (in fact that is what it is).
> If you want to use it remotely, you have to mount that hard drive
> remotely, open the sqlite file, and then read and write to it. While
> you are doing that, no one else can.
> If you want multiple people to read and write from the same sqlite
> database file, you will need to build an app that accepts requests
> from remote users and it and only it opens and reads and writes to
> that data file. That connecter server is not a standard part of
> sqlite. You would have to build it yourself.
> sqlite is great for applications that need local data storage. For
> example, most (if not all) of the Apple apps running on a Mac store
> all their data in sqlite data files. It's not a multi-user database.
> Kee Nethery
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