dunbarx dunbarx at
Fri Dec 5 11:43:17 EST 2008


Kind of. I am an experienced HC author, trying this rev thing out.

Spent an hour learning that the message box is married to the stack it 
was opened with.

If I create a stack and fool around with the msg box, then go to 
another stack, all my efforts to do simple tasks fail. Why? Because 
the names of objects were invalid, since msg was still linked to the 
earlier stack. I only got a clue to this when I used object numbers 
instead of names, and of course there it does not matter, and my 
simple commands worked. I closed msg and reopened it with the second 
stack in front. No problem.

My question is, why on earth? And more important, where does it say 
this anywhere in the docs. At least msg should say so.

I see the benefits of Rev. I miss the natural, almost perfect 
transparency of you know what. And I know that thread is old.

Hello, Jacqueline.

Craig Newman

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