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Fri Dec 5 09:34:40 EST 2008

William, have a look at Trevor Devore's GLX application framework:

It's pobably not even close to possible for RunRev themselves to  
implement every single thing that is commonly used by developers, but  
happily, developers have a habit of building their own tools, and  
people around here seem to be inclned to share - there really is a  
lot of stuff available.

One problem we have is that unlike PHP or some other languages, there  
isn't a central repository for everything avialable - though it seems  
that RunRev are planning a major reworking of Rev Online, I'd imagine  
with this exact problem in mind.

Have a look at the "Revolution Search Engine" under the help menu -  
that will help you find stuff, and the rev web-ring also will take  
you to many useful resources - you can start at my page and go from  



On 5 Dec 2008, at 14:18, william humphrey wrote:

> I've never made software that anyone else had to use so I never  
> noticed how
> many things are missing in RunRev.
> 1. There is an excellent menu builder.
> 2. There is no preference file builder. This should call a sqlite  
> plist file
> or something for your program so it can load the information  
> necessary to
> run any version of your software. It should also have a flag so you  
> can know
> if the computer is meant to host the server or if it is one of the  
> clients.
> It needs user name, host name, database name, password, and all  
> kinds of
> other stuff like whether it is a Valentina server or a MySQL server.
> 3. There is no automatic "update my program from a remote server on  
> the
> internet". This is something everyone is familiar with in commercial
> software and it is crazy (in my opinion) to make every developer re- 
> write
> this. The above preference file would be necessary first especially  
> if you
> also update the database schema and have to run a back-up of that data
> first.
> 4. Serial number versioning system and protection scheme for unlocking
> compiled copies of your program after a 30 day trial period. Every
> commercial software has this too. I read this list about various  
> people
> trying to invent this. Shouldn't it be available for everyone?
> It seems to me that there are many genius developers on this  
> mailing list.
> Why can't one come forward (like maybe Andre for the automatic  
> update my
> program over the internet substack) and the rest of us all offer  
> him $100 a
> piece to make that substack? In these down economic times maybe a  
> socialist
> solution like this would be a good idea? Unless, of course, some  
> one is
> already working on these solutions or has them already and will  
> sell them
> for a reasonable price?
> Thanks, I'm going to go back in my grass hut now...
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