preferences and re-inventing the wheel

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Fri Dec 5 09:27:58 EST 2008

Hi William,

Economy-x-Talk does all the things you mention for clients. I think  
there are more people on this list who have already invented their own  
systems to save preferecnes, make installers, get the versioning right  

I don't expect RunRev Ltd to create a general-purpose solution for  
each of the issues in your list, because everybody will need something  
slightly different. We will probably all end up creating our own  
systems anyway. If you would like to have a solution customized to  
your needs, feel free to contact me off-list.

Btw, I believe there is an installer maker included in the sales  
package offered by RunRev.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

Economy-x-Talk Consulting and Software Engineering
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On 5 dec 2008, at 15:18, william humphrey wrote:

> I've never made software that anyone else had to use so I never  
> noticed how
> many things are missing in RunRev.
> 1. There is an excellent menu builder.
> 2. There is no preference file builder. This should call a sqlite  
> plist file
> or something for your program so it can load the information  
> necessary to
> run any version of your software. It should also have a flag so you  
> can know
> if the computer is meant to host the server or if it is one of the  
> clients.
> It needs user name, host name, database name, password, and all  
> kinds of
> other stuff like whether it is a Valentina server or a MySQL server.
> 3. There is no automatic "update my program from a remote server on  
> the
> internet". This is something everyone is familiar with in commercial
> software and it is crazy (in my opinion) to make every developer re- 
> write
> this. The above preference file would be necessary first especially  
> if you
> also update the database schema and have to run a back-up of that data
> first.
> 4. Serial number versioning system and protection scheme for unlocking
> compiled copies of your program after a 30 day trial period. Every
> commercial software has this too. I read this list about various  
> people
> trying to invent this. Shouldn't it be available for everyone?
> It seems to me that there are many genius developers on this mailing  
> list.
> Why can't one come forward (like maybe Andre for the automatic  
> update my
> program over the internet substack) and the rest of us all offer him  
> $100 a
> piece to make that substack? In these down economic times maybe a  
> socialist
> solution like this would be a good idea? Unless, of course, some one  
> is
> already working on these solutions or has them already and will sell  
> them
> for a reasonable price?
> Thanks, I'm going to go back in my grass hut now...

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