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Scott, thanks. seems a little complicated because I wanted to do this  
with dozens of objects. So this would mean dozens of stacks. For my  
needs I think it might be better to store them all in one separate  

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On Dec 4, 2008, at 5:09 PM, Scott Rossi wrote:

> Recently, Thomas McGrath III wrote:
>> Is there a way to store an object in a variable? I want to store a
>> polygon or graphic in a variable or a custom property.
> I don't believe you can't store the object itself, but you can store  
> the
> properties of the object and create it on the fly by setting the  
> properties
> of the template object (in this case the templateGraphic) to the  
> stored
> properties.
> Alternatively, you could store the object in a "holder" stack and  
> store the
> holder stack itself as binary data in a custom property of your main  
> stack.
> set the uBinaryStack of myCoolStack to url ("binfile:" &  
> pathToHolderStack)
> When the time comes to access the object you use something like:
> go stack (the uBinaryStack of this stack)
> open the binary-saved stack, copy your object, and close the
> binary-saved stack.
> As always, Rev offers a few options...
> Regards,
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