why doesn't revZipCloseArchive close the archive?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at kestner.de
Tue Dec 2 14:53:40 EST 2008


I have a zip file which I am extracting with:

revZipOpenArchive tArchiv, read

revZipExtractItemToFile tArchiv, tItem, tFile

revZipCloseArchive tArchive

very standard and that works fine, beside I can't delete the zip file after
having extracted all items with delete URL. The result tells me "can't
delete file".

The result of ZipOpen and ZipExtract are empty, but the result of ZipClose
tells me "ziperr,archive not open" Why? After quitting the Rev IDE I can
delete the zip file manually. What am I missing, or is there any other
option to force to close a file so, that I can delete it from Rev?

Thanks for any hints





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