When they ask, what is this written in?

Mikey mikeythek at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 10:41:43 EST 2008

The argument that Mr. Einstein's work is credited incorrectly to him
and not to her, and ignoring the arguments of plagiarism from other
physicists of the day - a whole OTHER flamewar topic - is based on
some documentary and some circumstantial evidence.  Unfortunately the
verbose paper I wrote on this, based on the research of others was
written some 20-or-so years ago, so the exact facts are fuzzy to me,
but the argument goes like this:

1) Letters from him to her mention "our" work, in the context of his
and hers, especially preceding and during 1905, the year when "his"
most important physics is published.
2) The work that earned the Nobel in Physics was all done while they
were him & her.  As we all know, that was for the experimental
corroboration of Planck's Photoelectric Effect (the mathematical
hypothesis from Planck and Einstein's experimental work = Quantam
Mechanics).  Indeed, all five spectacular papers that "he" wrote were
in 1905.
3) After their bitter divorce, his work meanders all over the place
and accomplishes nothing.  One may also argue that after 1905 he
doesn't accomplish anything, but that is a different horse.
4) After 1905, she goes on to continue to publish interesting Physics,
although nothing as spectacular as the five pillars of modern Physics.
5) It appears based on style and grammar (and good spelling) that she
actually did the writing.  Was she acting as his secretary? Maybe, but
she was older than he and significantly further along in her graduate
work at the time.

That's the crux of what I remember.  Hey, at least I got an "A" from a
Ph.D. who was an Einstein "Nut".

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