By the way, the questions all have answers

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Tue Dec 2 04:10:20 EST 2008

The questions are going to have answers - they may not be confined to stating 
the merits of the language, however.  Like, it may be an answer to the 
question what if something happens to you, to reply that you have an 
arrangement with X in another city.  The chances of trucks hitting both of 
you are negligible.  On the issue of what happens if it goes the way of 
Hypercard, you may have answers on the lines of how easy it will be to 
convert to another environment, or how unlikely this is.  

All environments have things for the customer to worry about.  Open Source, 
what happens if it goes off down a blind alley like KDE4 appeared to be doing 
for several months?  What happens if fashions change and everyone moves to 
the new flavor?

Just because they have legitimate concerns, and they are concerns specific to 
Rev perhaps, does not mean they will not see that its still a good choice for 
them, if the situation is explained clearly.


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