When they ask, what is this written in?

Randall Reetz randall at randallreetz.com
Tue Dec 2 01:22:33 EST 2008

Ya what up with the name "revolution"?  Weird.  Especially for a forth generation great grandson of a derivative.  That is the real source of awkward.  Product must be good.

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On Dec 2, 2008, at 12:05 AM, Chipp Walters wrote:
> I'm like Richard. I rarely if ever have to defend RR as I've got some
> long standing Rev projects in the works. I was only responding to the
> originator of this thread regarding the subject:
> "When they ask, what is this written in?"

'Twas I who asked that simple question; of course they never are.   ;-)

Like Chipp, I prefer Transcript. I do think that having the name of the
language the same as the product is confusing. One also has the  
and additional baggage that the word "Revolution" lugs around with  

I asked because recently a potential client told me that 'real' programs
are written in C++  (actually, he said "C"). He had heard of "C", maybe
even seen it in  a book or a movie like The Matrix. His understanding
or knowledge of it all stopped there. However, he had money, wanted to
do something, and 'had to have' "C" - period, end of story.

Last year, the Le Web event was crawling with investors. Might be fewer
or more this year. With a project in the competition I want (and need)
to be prepared as well as I can. It's great to be able to tap into the  
wisdom and experience of this crowd in the Rev List.

Congrats to those who are in a position to tell off potential clients  
have uninformed views of writing software. I've got plenty of respect  
people like Chipp and Richard who have lots of long standing client,
they have surely earned them in various ways. I happen to be between
adventures, I need to take advantage of a particular opportunity and
don't want to screw up. Maybe I'm dumb enough to need advice but
smart enough to ask   ;-)

When I win this 'thang' I will get to talk to people from the Wall  
Journal (Kara Swisher), Fred Wilson, Scoble, and others. When talking to
them I will say www.RunRev.com - not Transcript or Revolution.


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