[OT] - first class languages and the new arrays in Beta 3

David Bovill david at openpartnership.net
Fri Aug 22 08:12:29 EDT 2008

Unfortunately I can't test this as there is still no response to my
application for beta testing :(

But someone who has the 3.0 beta maybe can answer? I've been learning Lua
for a project and a few things have impressed me - first how similar the
syntax is, and second how much the language gets out of its array data
structures (Lua calls them "tables" - but they work pretty much like Rev
arrays). Now one thing irked me - Lua is apparently a "first class language"
while Revolution is not. This is because functions are "first class
objects". What this comes down to is that functions can be held in a
variable in Lua, and importantly they can be placed inside of an array -
creating its own self contained little name-space.

So this move to arrays within arrays - does that mean we moving towards Rev
being a first class language?

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