app crash on answer printer

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Fri Aug 15 03:46:52 EDT 2008


I think I have reported this one already but got no answer, perhaps today
others are online.

>From time to time I get a support call from customers (for sake a very
little percentage), where my app (2.9 on Win XP) crashes, when hitting my
"print" button, even before  the printer dialog comes up. My print script is
pretty simple and standard, as I think:

answer printer

if the result is not empty then

   exit to top

end if

-- some other stuff here

print card "foo" from tTopLeft to tBottomRight into 60,46,646,792

-- some more stuff


What I am interested in is, are there any similar experiences out there? Is
there anything I can code to make printing "safer" (setting any parameters?)

Any idea what is going on there?






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