AW: missing a basic with drag

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Aug 14 07:04:24 EDT 2008

Hi Tiemo,

> Hello,
> yes indeed it is very simple, so I hope it is as simple to keep the  
> grabed
> image within a rectangle "foo" while moving. I tried to compare the  
> rect of
> my grabbed image with the rect of rectangle "foo" in the mousedown  
> handler
> without success, because I can't stop the grab while mousedown. Then  
> I tried
> to set the left/top/right/bot of the image to the rect of the  
> rectangle in
> the mousemove handler in case my image left the boundaries, what  
> technically
> works, but not nice (with heavy flickering, etc.)
> Probably there is such an easy answer, but which one?

I always check what's necessary "on mouseup" in these cases.

> Additional question: What do I have to do that the user can resize  
> an image?
> Selecting the image first, but moving one of the image handles do  
> nothing
> happen :( Any clue?

Oh, this is a bit more elaborate.
Sorry, I am sitting at work and do not have the time for this right now.

Any volunteers? ;-)

> Thanks for coaching!

Macht fünf Mark!
(Little german joke :-)

> Tiemo


Klaus Major
klaus at

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