Does Palette command work?

Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Thu Aug 7 00:20:14 EDT 2008

--- Klaus Major <klaus at> wrote:
> > --- dfepstein at wrote:
> >> Using Rev Media 2.9 in Windows XP
> >> palette stack "a" -- no effect
> >> go stack "a" as palette -- works correctly
> >> Do others experience this?
> >> David Epstein
> >>
> > Hi David,
> > That's one of the built-in limitations of Rev
> Media,
> OK, but if:
> -> palette stack "a"
> does not work in Rev Media and
> -> go stack "a" as palette
> DOES work, then this is a halfbaked and useless
> limitation
> (or none at all) in my opinion :-)

The real question is: do you end up wih a palette or
is the stack loaded as toplevel or modeless instead?
Then again, that's not relevant either and we need to
file a report at the quality center.
After all, if they don't want 'palette' to work in Rev
Media they should block _both_ variations at compile

Jan Schenkel.

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