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Fri Apr 25 14:15:13 CDT 2008

Re-Bonsoir Richmond,

Your French is really fluent: surely more than my English :-)
I understand that you are in a position where you are obliged to work  
with old machines and old software but it might not be a reason to  
not take into account progresses that Rev has made since 1.1.1. or  
even 2.6.1.
The question is: does we have to 'judge' Runrev as it was some years  
ago or now?

PS. I'm not a Runrev investor ;-)

Le 25 avr. 08 à 20:59, Richmond Mathewson a écrit :

> Bonsoir Eric,
>    Oui, C'est sure RR 1.1.1 avait problems!
> But, that is not my point: the point is that some of
> the documentation in later recensions seems to refer
> to features that have gone the way of all flesh.
> My other point; enhanced since my last posting after
> having tried to puzzle this out from the 2.9 PDF
> (which is actually extremely comprehensive, and,
> arguably better than the online Docs), is that if I
> want to start drawing pretty picture with code I
> cannot fathom how to set angles of curvature,
> thickness of lines and so forth from the documentation
> of any version of RR that I have access to.
> sincerely, Richmond Mathewson.
> PS. just to give you un petit frisson (!) I spent
> about 30 minutes relaxing by messing around with some
> BASIC coding on my 20 year-old BBC this evening.

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
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