is lock cursor of any use whatsoever?

Richmond Mathewson geradamas at
Fri Apr 25 05:21:25 EDT 2008

2 problems faced me when I decided to have a look at

1. to detect which paint tool was selected. My script

on mouseEnter
put the tool into fld "fTOOL"
end mouseEnter

did not work when it was in a button

somebody (offline) informed me that the script would
work if it were in the card; I couldn't get that to
work; but did get things working when it was in an
image object.

2. `Setting the cursor to none.

Thanks to Bill Marriott I managed to maintain its
invisibility (none) after the mouseEnter had finished.

lock cursor seems to work, but a bit inconsistently
(for this see below).

the selected paint tool continues to function when the
cursor is set to none, BUT (and here's the rub) the
line colour reverts to black!

Have uploaded my 'play' stack (TOOLER.rev) to
revOnline; look for 'Tools and Cursors' under

If you play around with my stack you should see what I
mean about the inconsistency of both LOCK CURSOR and

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson


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