Identifying a USB camera

Richard Miller wow at
Thu Apr 24 14:56:10 EDT 2008

Perhaps what I'm trying to do is impossible, or has to be done some  
other way entirely.

MY COMPUTER (under XP) identifies the camera as "canon powershot  
a410". If I double-click it, it opens to a window full of jpeg's (as  
I'd expect it to). But going into Rev and doing the following  
produces only "can't open directory" errors:

set the defaultfolder to ""canon powershot a410"; put the files

It doesn't matter if I put a colon after A410 or a colon and a slash.  
I just get errors.

The problem may also be that all the photos on this camera are on its  
SD card. Perhaps there's no way to get to them directly through Rev?


On Apr 24, 2008, at 2:30 PM, Richard Miller wrote:

> How can I access a camera through Rev? I plugged in a Canon  
> Powershot camera (USB). It shows up in My Computer with its name,  
> but no volume number. THE VOLUMES function in Rev doesn't see it. I  
> suppose I could use the Registry, but I'm hoping for some other  
> approach. I need to be able to identify any camera plugged in via  
> USB without knowing the model in advance.
> Thanks.
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