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Thu Apr 24 03:08:46 EDT 2008

Mark, you're quite right, I cannot find it either.  Thought I'd filed it as a
bug, but maybe it was only raised in correspondence with development in
connection with the others.  I will first check it out in detail on Mandriva
as well as Debian, and then file it.  I'm not completely sure, thinking
about it again, if its a bug with revPrintField or with the Rev print setup

Roughly what happens is that revPrintField, when it brings up the Rev print
dialogues, any changes you make to sizings have no effect on the output. 
Now since I don't have the system print dialogues available here on Debian,
I don't know if this is just Rev's dialogue, or it is also applies when you
have the system dialogues available, so will check this out properly before


Mark Schonewille-3 wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> Under which number have you entered your revPrintField bug in the  
> QCC? I searched for revPrintField, but all bugs that show up are  
> fixed, except for one enhancement and one that is actually a menubar  
> bug.
> Best,
> Mark
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> Op 20-apr-2008, om 22:24 heeft Peter Alcibiades het volgende geschreven:
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>> Quite a bit of very useful stuff.  sqlite is great to
>> have in Linux.
>> revPrintField however....that still doesn't work.  And I seem to be  
>> the only
>> one who notices!
>> This is rather a pity.  I had hoped and expected to get all  
>> printing working
>> properly out of 2.9 and the beta program.  But, I did get 85% of  
>> what I was
>> hoping for.  Maybe it will be fixed one of these days.  Meanwhile,  
>> there is
>> a workaround at least.
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