mouseUp 1 and 3 problems

rand valentine jrvalent at
Thu Apr 24 00:42:16 EDT 2008

> On 23 Apr 2008, at 01:50, rand valentine wrote:
>> So the problem is that I can't seem to
>> right-click, then left-click. Lots of other fields I have seem to
>> work fine
>> doing this, so it must be something in the script?! What should I be
>> looking
>> for, i.e., what could be causing this? Thanks
> I don't really know about a fix, but I got strange problems with mouse
> too, maybe you can add something to the bug I filed:

  I'm not sure I understand the specifics of your bug report, but it did
allow me to conceive of a workaround for my problem -- the problem is (as
you say, I think), that a right-click and an if-statement seem to cause
weird problems. So I changed my script from an if..end if to a switch...end
switch, and now it works fine.


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