mouseUp 1 and 3 problems

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Apr 23 15:11:29 EDT 2008

rand valentine wrote:
>  Hi. I've got a field with text in it. There is an elaborate script for the
> field which is sensitive to which mousebutton was clicked, doing one thing
> if 1 was clicked, another if 3. I keep getting a problem -- after I right
> click something, and the script executes, left-clicking produces no response
> in the field -- right-clicking will produce a response, and then
> left-clicking works again. So the problem is that I can't seem to
> right-click, then left-click. Lots of other fields I have seem to work fine
> doing this, so it must be something in the script?! What should I be looking
> for, i.e., what could be causing this? Thanks

Are you clicking rapidly? The only thing I can think of is that the 
second click is within the doubleclick time and is registering as a 
double click. Does it work if you wait a second or so between clicks?

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