Rev on a Linux/Windows based HP 2133 Mini-Note? (was Smallest PC that can run Revolution?)

Luis luis at
Wed Apr 23 10:20:37 EDT 2008

I'm hanging around to see what the general feedback is for the HP and  
weigh it against the newcomers with the new Intel Atom CPU.
It looks well built, and the EEEPC is quite solid too.

The HSDPA will drain the battery some, so you've got to take that  
into account. However efficient these things are I'd opt to not have  
to worry about disabling it when not in use (well, maybe when we get  
Psion or Z88 battery life out of these things!) and use a 3G USB  
stick. Vodafone has Linux drivers for their version of it, I doubt  
there isn't a port out for the EEEPC already.



On 23 Apr 2008, at 13:49, David Bovill wrote:

> Thanks for all the links Luis - I'm wandering what size these  
> things are
> going to settle down to - feels like the iPhone to Nokia 8110 is in  
> the
> dailly carry around range and then there are "cheap laptops" EEPC  
> or even
> similarly priced Dell Laptops.
> At the moment I am looking for something under £300 that you can  
> run around
> with- so the Hsdpa support sounds good for the future.
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