Default audio device does NOT record audio when it is a firewire device

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Wed Apr 23 07:00:33 EDT 2008

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Mark Schonewille wrote on the Use-Rev list :

Hey Mark,
bedankt voor je snelle antwoord.

> Just enter it as a new bug. Revolution originates from a time without
> FireWire and just doesn't check for devices attached to a built-in
> FireWire port. This should be easy to fix (but I might be wrong).

I was going to do that. Then decided first to make sure there's no one  
out there
who had already dealt with it in another way. I will enter it if  
nothing comes up
> In the mean time, you can refrain from the default input and show a
> little wizard, which helps the user to choose the correct input.

Alas that won't help. Since most Firewire interfaces are "good stuff"  
all microphones, gear would be attached to that interface ( usually 24  
and with GREAT microphone pre-amps) we can't expect people in studios
and music gear shops to start switching stuff around just for our  
especially not since the internal mic and external input just are not
that good quality...

So here's a request to Kevin and Marc : You know I've been dealing with
Rev and Audio in the CBT field for a long time now : Wouldn't it be  
to add the firewire interfaces to "The possible soundSources" ?
USB already is.
In dire straits we would even consider an external...

groetjes uit Berlijn


Frans Schoffelen
Tim Oldfield
Sarah Terberg / home of iCal alarmist

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