answer file "sdsdsd" with type... broken on Win?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Apr 22 09:49:16 EDT 2008

Klaus Major wrote:
> can someone check if this works on Windows before I bugreport it?
> ...
> answer file "sdsdsd" with type"|jpg|"
> ...
> Should only show JPEG files in the dialog, but doesn't!
> ALL files can be selected :-/

Using that string I get the same result as you, but it could be because 
the empty first part of the string is throwing it off.

The type specifier has three parts:  the description, the Windows file 
extension, and the Mac file type, each separated by a pipe ("|").  I've 
found the Mac portion can be omitted, but the description seems to be 

When I use:

   answer file "sdsdsd" with type "Image files|jpg" works as expected.

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