Smallest PC that can run Revolution?

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Tue Apr 22 05:40:45 EDT 2008

On 16/4/08 14:30, David Bovill wrote:
> What is the smallest PC that anyone has managed to get a Revolution
> application running on - any operating system? Is there a hand held?
> Something without a built in screen? The Eee PC is one of the smallest I can
> find so far and certainly cheap - and the only one I know of that people
> have actually got Rev running on? I guess none of the Windows Mobile
> operating systems are an option?

We've installed a Rev-built app on a bunch of very small custom built units 
that were running Windows Embedded, on a fanless VIA Mini-ITX motherboard 
<>, with a 256MB  solid-state disk.  (These were 
installed in vehicles, so it was important to have no moving parts and low 
power requirements.) Had no problems except that we had to fiddle with the OS 
image a few times before we got the combination of components we needed.

We also evaluated Puppy Linux on the same hardware (we ended up with 75 units, 
so the potential saving on Windows Embedded licenses was considerable); it all 
worked fine except that we needed better multimedia support than Rev made 
available on Linux at that time.  With 2.9 I suspect we could have gone that 

- Ben

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