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I am having trouble seeing the problem with Mirye marketing

It is obvious this is done in total agreement with the management
at Rev.  How they go about marketing the product is important for
everyone.  The management at Rev feel this is good or they would
not allow it.

In the long run if Rev gets purchased by more people no matter
what store it is bought from we all benefit.  If they don't properly
market Revolution we will all suffer & it could fall by the wayside
like HyperCard.

I would also like to point out Valentina is a perfect match for Rev.
So once again having Mirye involved will only benefit users of


On Apr 19, 2008, at 3:14 PM, Lynn Fredricks wrote:

>> Obviously most of these question will never be answered,
>> because that's not how RunRev does it's business. Too bad.
> I don't think anyone publishes their strategic plans to an open  
> list for
> review. You might get an overview of it if you are a shareholder in  
> the
> company. If you are interested in that, you should give Runtime a  
> call.
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