Getting things the wrong way round . . .

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Sat Apr 19 07:31:39 EDT 2008

>  Now I don't know what motivated the other Beta
>  testers; however I am always suspicious at
>  protestations of disinterested service.

I would suppose this to refer to my earlier email in this thread. My
motivation for wanting Runtime to prosper is completely selfish. To
that end I am prepared to put my time into helping without any
expectation of direct material reward. I have a current license and
renew it every time it comes due (or in advance), so the frequently
stared offer to upgrade nearly everyone to 2.9 was no great incentive
to me. My reward is in having a better Revolution that I can use to
earn my living.

You must have missed the numerous posts, emails and newsletter
articles telling us all that 2.9 would be supplied to various existing
license holders and so your first reaction was to assume the worst and
start complaining. Even your letter of thanks when you realised you
were wrong is just criticism worded in a different way. In future,
could you do us all the favour of delaying your negative reactions
until you are sure they are based on fact.

Thank you,

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