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viktoras didziulis viktoras at
Fri Apr 18 04:34:16 EDT 2008

As far as I know table fields are reliable now. A while ago some nasty 
bugs were reported (e.g. in compiled apps modifying a cell in a table 
did not in fact updated the underlying table in some cases) and now they 
are fixed. However, I already got used to using ordinary text fields 
with table gridlines switched on and a bunch of scripts to make these 
fields behave more like tables. I think given enough motivation (stress, 
fun, money ;-) ) someone should be able to create such a perfect 
"generic" standard reusable table object using combination of existing 
text fields and other objects in rev. And I know a few examples that can 
be reused. Nevertheless, for most tasks gridded text field with a few 
scripts is more than sufficient (displaying database contents, 
calculations, etc...)...

However, a few default features that would be nice to have in those text 
fields would be possibility to resize the cells by dragging vertical 
gridlines with mouse. This is based on feedback from my own clients - 
they usually ask why in my apps they can not contract or expand table 
collumns by dragging column borders with mouse, or make cell resize to 
match its contents on left-doubleclick... I know this is possible to 
script, however, somehow did not try yet to create such a useful script 
myself :-). Also cell addressing with commands like "answer the cell A3 
of fld myTable" or "get the cells A1:B10 of fld myTable"  or "put the 
cells A1:Z1 of field myTable into fld myHeader" would be very useful for 
any text field, not just tables... Any recipes?..

All the best!

Gregory Lypny wrote:
> Do table fields work reliably now or are they still to be avoided?
> Gregory
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