[way OT...] emerging 'business' opportunities - legal or not...

viktoras didziulis viktoras at ekoinf.net
Thu Apr 17 09:54:44 EDT 2008

This is a way of topic for this list, anyway, this is an excerpt from an 
advertisement letter (spam) that arrived to my inbox today. However it 
seems somehow not too far in nature from the question and answers on 
reuse of copyrighted code. Is this legal or not? What a moral dilemma to 

<-snip--> in Pakistan and India it is not illegal to sell your 
organ and because many people live in abject poverty, 
they are willing to sell their organs to fulfill their 
financial needs. That is why Pakistan is considered the 
most congenial place to have a kidney at an affordable 
rate and also its transplantation in a shorter length of time.

We at <-removed-> specialise in obtaining organs from willing 
donors. These we make available to those that need them 
at a fair market price. We also have ultra-modern surgical 
facilities and several professionally trained transplant 
surgeons having over 20 years experience who can perform 
the transplant under industry standard hygienic conditions.

I used to think this is a criminal activity and not a business, but now they start open advertising... Organ trade from live persons... A little shocking, isn't it?

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